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We are delighted to recommend Alexander, or simply Alex as to make it easier.  Golf has been his passion since 1982 after playing many sports as a young man.

Before he came to Thailand in the year 2000, he was fortunate to play most of his golf in the county/province of Surrey that neighbors London from the south west where he learnt my trade and worked at four different golf clubs as a PGA Professional golfer and now currently certified with the USGTF from Singapore since 2005. Results mean everything to him as a teacher and ensuring a productive experience is his top priority to accommodate personal goals including detailed teaching notes/videos for every student to take home and continue with their practice the right way. If you remember the lesson, you are effectively getting value for money in his professional opinion and this will take your game to the next level whilst using valuable and limited time constructively.

His other important responsibility is introducing people to the game of golf with every intention of inspiring them to take up a new hobby for the rest of their life and not forgetting to make it fun because it is simply just a game!



Alex – Golf Lessons, Driving Range, Course Guide/Partner

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